Sunday, September 9, 2012

5 day 12 hour Challenge

The best challenges are those born of necessity. In order to survive my degree a serious ramp up is required. Engineering thesis are the pits and as such I tend to avoid mine. Now I have a month left and I need to have some serious work completed.
Add to that a listening test in a foreign language and a lab report for a lab I did completely wrong in the lab period and I have a very busy week ahead.
The result? I am giving myself a 12 hours of work a day for the next 5 days challenge. If I can do that I can have Saturday fully off. If I can't do it... Well I will be playing catch up... Like I am already doing.
Here's a question. How do I trick myself into taking my own rules seriously? I can't diet. I can't force myself to work or force myself to sleep or dven force myself to stay on topic and read a book. I am working on it. I can now force myself to go to exercise alone (I've always relied on the guilt of a gym date with a friend etc) but in everything it is still a distinct work in progress.
Now I feel it is bedtime. No sleeping in past 7am this week either so we are going (to at least try) early to sleep, early to rise. Wish me luck. I see no blogging in my immediate future.

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