Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Pro Housewife - The Joy of a Well Made Bed

Perhaps I missed my calling. I would have done great in housekeeping. This post is about bed making. Now I will admit to being as slack as the next person. My doona gets dragged to cover the mattress the pillows get laid correctly at the one end but only for practicality. When you live in a bedroom, and everywhere else in your life is communal having the space of the 'bed bench' for sitting, working, laying of random stuff... you get the idea.

However that one day every fortnightsheet change dayis a very special day indeed. I go the whole hog. I love it. Not just for the joy that is clean crisp sheets. One of the true free love-my-life moments comes when I do a hospital corner on my top sheet and it folds smooth and effortless into a nearly perfect 45 degree angle. (Though don't listen to people who insinuate this is a complex task - the angle will be consistently correct if take the extra second to fold the sheet flat before tucking the bottom section under the mattress.)

You can't see in the pictures, but yes both of the sheets used in these pictures are flat sheets. To be clear, I'm not that much of a weird keen bean. With the exception of these photographs I don't typically use a flat sheet bottom sheet. You have to admit though that they allow for much more crisp corners on a bed than fitted sheets. (It doesn't help that I have an awkward not a Single yet not a King Single mattress so no fitted sheets fit properly.) This first picture is my favourite. It seriously makes me feel good about myself just looking at that crisp sharp bed edge.

I want to go on record saying the bump in this second photo was created by a worn out mattress where the actual mattress covering didn't sit smooth against it's innards. Also I will apologise that you can't actually see the corners in either of the photos. This is not my current bed so I couldn't go back and rectify the missing photographs. 

My only downfall in all this is, to my shame, I can't get the hang of folding fitted sheets. I've looked at all the pictures; watched all the videos. That kind of thing became 'all the rage' a few months ago. (Or at least as 'all the rage' as a tedious house task can ever become.) Nope. It's just not my speed at all. I'll settle for good sheets ON my bed rather than IN my cupboard. Maybe that isn't good housewife skills after all...

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