Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Addictive Procrastination. Colour Me Happy.

As I tried to demonstrate in my last blog post I am trying to improve myself and trying to break some very old habits with the intent being that I will become both more productive and more happy as a result. However even as I attempt to prevent myself from wasting too much time doing actually nothing I am bombarded but cool, inventive new ways to almost do something.

The latest of these, and to be honest there has been a long line of them, has been COLOURLovers. Firstly, it took me a bit to notice but the web address is spelt correctly but they do get some extra brownie points for having colour spelt with a u (if only in the web address and name). What is COLOURLovers? Essentially a community styled website where people create and share palettes of up to 5 colours, name new colours as they come across them, colour patterns and love and favourite other peoples creations. The truly creative people even make new patterns, but that tends a bit too far down the 'actual skill' and 'time, effort, productive' paths for me.

What is it that COLOURLovers has me doing that is so bad then? Well, essentially they have given me a gadget that makes filtering through the 16 million colours that exist within HEX easy. Then they said if nobody has done it before me I can name it. Maybe it is too many years of Pokemon growing up (yes I did play Pokemon as a child I hope that doesn't make you feel differently about me) but you give me a restriction like that and I suddenly must HAVE ALL THE COLOURS. I enjoy naming things. I enjoy naming things that other people are then forced to comply with my names for. I mean in 16 million I currently only possess 173 as you can see in the above screen shot. However clicking the button, then coming up with a slightly creative name for the new colour, this is how I waste my days.

That's without even considering palettes. Three days of this and I struggle to come onto the internet and not go immediately to COLOURLovers and click the create button over and over and over again for hours. One more thing I need to add to my 'banned during working hours' list. 

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