Friday, August 17, 2012

Where to Start... Quantum Leap

Where to start for a blog? The awkward introduction phase for a blog. I'd say I have to set up the premise of the blog but this is currently pretty broad-brush. To look at things I do that make me the career centred modern woman, and the bits of myself that are a through-back to another time. It fascinates me to see where things have changed and where things haven't, and then where I comply with the society changes and where I don't.

I came up for the concept after watching too many hours of Quantum Leap. Never seen the show? Well I'm not one for aimless reprimands - I much prefer 'corrective training'. You need to rectify this issue as soon as you can. For a quick overview of the show's premise you can listen to the show's own intro below (not to mention it comes free with a whole string of random clips). Or settle for my own description - a time traveller set about righting wrongs and subsequently getting involved with a whole string of the revolutionary changes of the second half of the 20th century.

So in essence, Sam (if you don't know who that is... I did tell you to watch that clip didn't I?) spends a lot of time leaping into women (Scott Bakula clearly enjoys the freedom of dresses) from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Women who are fighting for the changing rights, pioneering as the earliest career women and empowering the housewife. So in my addictive re-watching of the entire series in the last few weeks... I have to wonder. Who would I be in those critical alternate times?

Would I have been the housewife and happy? Would I have been one of the earliest women in the work place (in whatever profession)? Would I have been a 'career' woman before career women were cool? Would I have taken part in rallies to change the world for women? All these questions run through my head for many days. The last question I think I can answer - with 'no'. Which leads me to really think hard about how much of who I am takes those who have come before me for complete granted.

So. In summary. This blog will be a lot about me. About my likes, my interests and things I think make me who I am. Hopefully in doing that I'll build my own self into just a bit more of who I want to be. (I'm not sure that person will ever incorporate 1950s housewife cooking but who knows right?)

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