Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fitness Goal: The Core Challenge

I have this awful feeling that the last time I spoke of fitness and dieting I came across a little bit negative. Don't confuse my dislike for extremism with a general dislike for fitness in general. Particularly now that the warmer weather of spring and summer is here I am well into my fitness. I just don't like to do it in the extreme. 

Why? For the exact reason why a bunch of fitness junkies just read that line and clicked away or at the very least scowled in my direction. There are people who's lives revolve around their fitness, their body image, their ability to do heaves and their ability to abstain from chocolate indefinitely. Not only am I not like that... I don't WANT to be like that. I am happy enough in all of those respects just the way I am. I do fitness because it makes me feel good, better about myself and all that... quietly. I don't need the ability to flaunt anything.

Right now I am really starting to get my distaste for fitness on. My best friend has gone hard core into fitness over the last little while, and to a certain extent she's brought me along for the ride. However she is starting to reach 'gym junkie' levels despite her denial of the term (as though the lack of a title changes anything about the attitude). She is starting to get that devoted tone in her voice, little to talk about but the next time she can go and worship at the whole shine of fitness. No. Just quietly. No, I am a stress bunny I refuse to touch that mystical self-hating world that is fitness in its hard core form. 

However. Pinterest is an interesting website isn't it? Wow I'm glad I only found it last week and not months ago. For all the things that I can pin though, fitness short work-outs and the like have so far been the stand out. Things I can take away and try for the good of myself.

The picture? That's the goal for my core for the next little while. Not to look like that lady - I don't much care what I look like - the work out. At the moment I can only manage the crunches, the push-ups off my knees and the various planks and bridges for about 20 seconds each. I'd like to be able to do it all, full strength, no stopping. I can just about do 15 push-ups (real ones) in a row... however not after 50 crunches just yet - a lot of work to be done all round on the abdominal front - though I'll be honest this 'core' work out hurts the hell out of my arms long before my core feels anything.

Wish me luck. Putting the goal on here means (even though no real people read this blog) I have to stick to it.

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