Monday, October 22, 2012

Painted Woman

Perhaps I should add this to my old-timey line-up. The fact that I use the title for a little glimmer of its old meaning. Not that I am saying I am promiscuous. Merely the reason behind the meaning - the term being related to the painting of faces - putting on make-up. There's probably a beauty blog out there called painted woman though I haven't personally looked it up. Well done that lady, whoever you are.

I love make-up. Statement of fact. I won't imply that it is a secret passion. I've long gotten past that point. I would happily paint my face in ways that are only deemed appropriate for a night out clubbing simply to sit around in my undies watching television. (I wouldn't actually do that though; I unfortunately live where my television is located in a communal area, undies aren't really appropriate television attire.) It is typically a sign of how much work I have to do how much make-up I have on. That is to say - if I have clownish make-up with vibrant red lips (I'm not fond of rocking the red lip under other circumstances) and detailed eyes I've probably got a major test of assignment due tomorrow.

A lot of big make-up girls it seems begin early, begin fast, begin in their mother's make-up bag. I didn't. Make-up for me was in a way thrust upon me. For reasons I can not determine my mother went out of her way when I was 15 to encourage me in the art of make-up. She organised a Mary-Kay make-up party for the express intent of tutoring me in the art of make-up and bought a full set of make-up things. (Mum herself doesn't wear the stuff with any regularity.) The same year I also got make-up sets for Christmas. An large 'bit of everything' Australis palette and a Models Prefer set of everything. Yeah... like I said I don't know where that came from in my mothers mind.

Perhaps it follows on that I took up make-up as a bit of a hobby (read hoarding addiction), years later though. Around the time I turned 18 I started to actually wear make-up when I dressed up. Then around the time I turned 20 I truly started to embrace it as an 'any-time' kind of an endeavour. It also seems like a healthier alternative to buying chocolate each time I went to the shops to window-shop. (Yes that does translate to me buying entirely too much make-up.)

I've contemplated at times doing a beauty blog before, however as you can probably tell from this blog. I am erratic, I am not great with beauty words and most significantly I lack the commitment required. However I enjoy taking photos of eye make-up, face make-up, bits and pieces of my make-up... Just because it is fun. So while I don't pretend to be a beauty blogger there may be... more than its fair share of beauty posts on this blog in the future.

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