Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yesteryear... Double Bass and Banjos

Alright. I'm surprised I haven't brought this up before now... Then again I only have a smattering of posts to my name at this point so everything is pretty new and exciting isn't it? I am a country music kind of girl.

Country music is a funny thing to like in urban Australia. Maybe its a bit weird to like it in urban anywhere. People come for a ride in my car, my choice of radio will get a comment if I haven't had the forethought to forewarn them. I don't see what's not to love about country - but apparently even metal would be preferable to some people.

I love all the strengths of country. I have a weakness for the Pop Country of Taylor Swift (who doesn't these days) and the older ones of Faith Hill and Shania Twain. To almost contradict that I love the heavy on the fiddle and banjo end of the genre, and even an unreticent ear for heavier country rock. I'll admit mostly mainstream country. Though I deviate occasionally in favour of some Australian Folk country - John Williamson isn't the most contemporary of musical styles.

Currently, my favourite song is Wagon Wheel by the Old Crow Medicine Show. I can't claim it to be out of the ordinary - it has been very popular generally. It is certainly in the majority of 8track playlists I've listened to in recent months. It combines some of my favourite things about the stronger country music - never underestimate fiddle and double bass. It is one of the few country songs I have had full addiction to without without an intimate knowledge of the verse lyrics - this is all for the music itself and simply the vocal sound.

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